Sitting Bull Full Print Tee Shirt

Sitting Bull Full Print Tee Shirt

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An ultra soft feel 100% polyester fabric tee shirt by Guildan.

Super comfortable and soft!

Show off Sitting Bull closer to the size of the original painting which is 38 inches by 48 inches.


Sitting Bull ~ Lakota 1831~1890 was a Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux holy man. Born near the Grand River in South Dakota and killed by Rez police on the Standing Rock Indian Rez during an attempt to arrest him and prevent him from supporting the Ghost Dance Movement.

He is notable in American and Native American history for his role in the major victory at The Battle of the Little Big Horn against Lt. Col. George A. Custer and the US 7th Cavalry on Jun 25th 1876. Where Sitting Bull's premonition (foreknown) of defeating the Cavalry became reality. In the months after the battle, Sitting Bull fled the USA to Wood Mountain, SASK. Canada,( with Gall ) Where he & GALL remained until 1881 at which time he surrended to American forces. A small remmant of SITTING BULL ' S band under Chief Wambligi decided to stay at Wood Mountain. After his return to the US , SITTING BULL briefly toured as a performer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, like 4 months . He could'nt tolerate white society. GALL eventually parted ways from his half brother SITTING BULL, over a disagreement and left CANADA for the US with an unknown number of warriors.
Being poorly armed , GALL and his bunch surrendered to the miltary at Poplar Creek ~ Montana.
They never made ammends and GALL ignored The Ghost Dance Movement

After working as a performer, Sitting Bull returned to the Standing Rock Agency in South Dakota. Because of fears that he would use his influence to support the Ghost Dance Movement in 1890 Indian Affairs ordered his arrest. During an ensuring struggle between Sitting Bull's followers and the police , Sitting Bull was shot in the side of the head by American Police after they were fired upon by his supporters. His body was taken to nearby Fort Yates for burial. In 1953 his remains were exhumed and reburied near Molridge, South Dakota by the Sioux, who wanted his body to be nearer to his birthplace. However some Sioux and historians dispute this claim and believe that any remains that were moved were not those of Sitting Bull.

Sitting Bull became a Sioux holy man during his early 20's. His responsibilities as a holy man included understanding the complex religious rituals and beliefs of the Sioux. He also knew tenhniques of healing and carried medicinal herbs, though he was not a medicine man.